February 24, 2019

Audience Recording of Fahey at the Memphis Blues Festival of 1969

It's Fahey Week and this year is all about re-upping all the previous posts lost to the divShare crash. Everything is now on Dropbox, hopefully the free account can handle the traffic. (2019 edit, nope, lost that too!!) So this is a re-re-up?!?!?

Here's a little gem sent to me this week. A live recording from a hand-held recorder by someone in the audience at the Memphis Blues Festival, June 6-7th, 1969.  See page 396 of The John Fahey Handbook, volume 2 for details. Fahey was included in a two hour PBS program "The Memphis Birthday Blues Festival" hosted by Steve Allen, aired on June 29th, 1969. Does anyone have this video that they would share?



  1. Hi!
    Thanks again!
    I did some quick remastering on this gem with Audacity; I am sure some folks around here that know how to work with Wave Editor or Adobe Audition can do much better!
    By the way, I was also responsible for the most recent Fahey in Dublin upload, forgot to put my signature in.
    Rank Stranger
    Link to Memphis:

  2. Hi! Is it possible to have the audio files link posted again?
    It would be lovely.
    Thank you very much!

  3. Remaster:
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    Is it possible to have the audio files links up-loaded/posted again?
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  5. Would you please reactivate the link to this?

  6. Thanks for reposting the link? What tune(s) is he playing?

  7. Thanks for the links again!
    Death of the Clayton Peacock & Worried Blues