February 24, 2016

John Fahey - The Jabberwocky Nightclub 1972 live bootleg

This has been posted before but Damian has sent me a better sound quality version with some editing.  Oh, and this time the titles are correct!

The Jabberwocky Nightclub
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY

01 Medley_ Stomping Tonight Fantasy _ In Christ There Is No East Or West _ Beverly
02 The Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Philip XIV Of Spain
03 Fare Forward Voyagers
04 Medley_ Some Summer Day _ Brenda's Blues _ When You Wore A Tulip (& I Wore A Big Red Rose)

Get it here: Jabberwocky


1 comment:

  1. Thanks! Did some time in Syracuse... There is a Jabberwocky Cafe on campus now, but it is NOT the same place that used to host musical performances. I've heard/read that the former "Jabberwocky Nightclub" is now a computer lab or something similar...