February 21, 2016

John Fahey Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop 1972 and Wolfgang's Vault

"Wolfgang's Vault is the world's largest online archive dedicated exclusively to great live music and vintage music memorabilia."  So they say...

What began in 2003 with the personal archives of famed promoter Bill Graham now includes 12 different collections.

Music fans find free music streaming online here, along with thousands of concert recordings from the last 50 years, digital downloads, as well as vintage rock posters,rock photography, and vintage and retro concert t-shirts

Availability for John Fahey currently includes this stuff.

But here is a show you can have for free...d/l it HERE

John Fahey
McCabe's Guitar Shop
Santa Monica, CA
Sep. 1972

01. Stomping Tonight on the Pennsylvania-Alabama Border/When The Fire & The Rose Are One/Beverly
02. The Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Philip XIV Of Spain
03. On the Sunny side of the Ocean/Logan County Blues/Hawaiian 2-Step
04. Lion
05. Wine & Roses


  1. Thank you so much for putting this one up Scott! Been waiting a few years hoping this recording would turn up some day.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the Wolfgang's boots, Scott. All ten were shows I didn't have, so they were great to find!

  3. Here's my small contribution: J.F. live on Sept. 20th,1999 in Dublin. Got this cassette from one of THE Fahey fans around.
    These are lossless flac files, info on the tracklist is very welcome!
    The link is valid for one week, maybe someone else can up it where it is available for a longer period of time?!


    1. Thank you! I've got it and will re-post this week.

  4. As far as my memory goes, I was at this show. My memory is that an unknown singer-songwriter, Tom Waits, opened the show. Can anyone confirm this?