February 22, 2016

John Fahey - Live at Swarthmore College 1968 & Carnegie Hall 1973

Great to hear such an enthusiastic crowd at this show.

A note on the quality of the recording.  Realize that this is a recording made by an audience member most likely on the sly and the year is 1968.  I don't know who did this but bless him!!

A note on the quality of the performance.  Fahey is in fine form and complete control of his guitar, his fingers and his musical pieces.  In short, playing like a stud.

Fair warning, when track three is over, it'll break your heart.

1. Some Summer Day/Joe Kirby Blues
2. The Death Of The Clayton Peacock/Worried Blues
3. Requiem For Russell Blaine Cooper/Variations On The Coocoo


Since this is such a short show I can offer both the lossless format and the mp3.

Download FLAC

Download Mp3

Carnegie Hall
And here is the Carnegie Hall show.  Wow, I think that means you've really made it!

Stupid piano!!!!  Just imagine Fahey sitting out there on that vast stage.  Just him and his guitar, sitting on a chair...playing...

This is a quite good recording, again for the time, 1973, but quite good even so.  I hope you enjoy this one, I love FFV.  Just one of my all time favorites and then he wraps it with Beverly.  Can't get much better for me!

Only MP3 for this one.

Download it here.



  1. Fahey Week = Christmas in February.

  2. Thank you very much for the Swarthmore show! What a surprise. I'm not sure where this has been hiding, but this is a recording that has not circulated widely among some of the most obsessive and dedicated Fahey collectors. FLAC is especially appreciated.

  3. John Fahey
    Swarthmore College
    Swarthmore, PA
    April 5, 1968

    1. Some Summer Day/Joe Kirby Blues
    2. The Death of the Clayton Peacock/Worried Blues
    3. Requiem for Russell Blaine Cooper (x)

    Corrections welcome!

  4. Hey there! The links are dead; any chance you could reupload?

    1. Let me see what I can do about the links. Check back in a few days.