February 14, 2016

John Fahey - Bucktown Stomp & Dalhart, TX 1967 Guitar TAB

John Fahey and guitar TAB.  I expect your heart is racing.  Mine is!  If you were drooling over the FFV tab posted early this week, you may have noticed a few comments about TAB sharing.

Well MTW has very generously offered to share some Fahey TABs of his own.  These are his hand-written works.  Part of a life-time of playing and TABing Fahey's works.

So what have we got?  Well we've got a couple pieces that aren't really found out there on the internet so dig in and start picking!  It's Fahey's birthday!!

Bucktown Stomp


Dalhart, TX 1967

If you benefit from these like I will, be sure to drop a Thank You in the comments!


  1. Great work! - Thanks a lot for posting these gems.

  2. The link for Dalhart, TX 1967 is done broke:(

  3. Wonderful, I have listened album America a lot and great to have Dalhart, TX 1967 tab, thank you very much, this site is great