November 29, 2008

Blind Brand X - Black Dog Blues

This is the latest release from Blind Brand X, a.k.a. Ragtime Ralph. Apparent 'real' id is RC Johnston. Who knows! All I know is he is a very generous guy that does some nice self-released material. No charge. For that reason as well as the fact that it is just plain good, I am posting it here and I hope you enjoy.

Inspired by John Fahey, BBX wants to add to the legacy, "My goal now as then is to add to the musical foundations that Fahey created on his early Fonotone, Takoma, Riverboat and Vanguard releases...". According to some things I've read, a Ragtime Ralph recording for Takoma Records was in the works, but never materialized. RC has compared himself to Mark Fosson, an early Takoma artist that recorded for Fahey, but was never released until this latest Fahey rediscovery. By the way, I recommend the Fosson release, "The Lost Takoma Sessions", good stuff. Perhaps someday the Ragtime Ralph masters will be found/released.

All the tunes on this CD are played on a 1930's Regal wood bodied guitar. And trust me, it sounds great. Just the right amount of rattle and a lot of tone. Along with the strong originals, BBX does an excellent version of Bukka White's "Poor Boy" and a Fahey's "On the Banks of the Owchita".

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  1. thanks for this! i don't think i ever would have heard of him if not for you. and i'm pretty in-the-know for things fahey-related.

  2. Thanks for this blog. Great Album

  3. Glad you are enjoying the music!

  4. miss this track : Black Dog Blues #5*

    1. The last song is a medley of On the Banks...and Black Dog Blues #5*
      So all the tracks ARE there

  5. Awesome. Great site. Saw Ralph play several times after this CD came out (listening to it now). I have a few others, but have not heard all the albums from your collection. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for recording them Ralph.