December 7, 2010

Jack Rose Guitar TAB

You can't ask for much more than the effort some people put into tabbing out songs.  I've done a few myself and I find it a long and tedious process.
So a big thanks to crabbe_head over at the FaheyGuitarPlayers forum for taking the time to work these out!

Download them:

Jack Rose - Kensington Blues

Jack Rose - Blessed be the name of the Lord, from raag manifestos

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  1. I'm not sure if my formatting is screwed up, but I'm not sure how to read this tab!:) Any insight on the organization of it?

  2. I just tried it out and if you are trying to print it from the display on the page it isn't formated well.
    But download it and open it in Windows Notebook and it should be fine!

  3. ah, and there is the light bulb:) Thanks!

  4. wow... great tab. Thanks so much!

  5. For anyone having trouble printing this out, try this: 1. copy the entire tab from notepad 2. paste into Word 3. reformat font to courier and change font size to 8.

    That worked for me. When I first opened the tab it looked fine, but when I tried to print it went screwy. The above steps fixed it

  6. this is so fantastic. endless thank you's to whoever made these

  7. Anyone know how I could find Cathedral et Chartres tab ? it would be great, thanks

  8. I've been wanting to play both of these for so long, and because I'm not good enough to be able to work them out for myself, this is my holy grail. Thank you.