November 11, 2010

JAMES BLACKSHAW St Leonard's Church 16th October 2010

10/10/07 with Eli Keszler and Black Forest/Black Sea (photo: Susanna Bolle

St Leonard's Church
16th October 2010

01. All Is Falling
02. Tuning
03. The Cloud Of Unknowing
04. Tuning
05. Past Has Not Passed
06. Talk and Tuning
07. Transient Life In Twilight

Download it HERE

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And the winner, BY A MILE, of the CD give away is rleaf2003 with his killer, hybrid poem-comment.  It deserves a reprint:

Roses are red, violets are blue
I hope I get this cd via you,
and if I do..
heres what I'll do:

I'll play it for me,
my daughter and wife
in my car and truck &
and for all of my life

Echoes of Thompkins
ringing down the street
coming from my headphones
as my feet touch concrete

Walking to the store
to buy IA4
I thought I had won,
but alas, I dreamed this folklore

So once again I support IA4,
but hope Santa/ or the postman
knocks on my door,
and says: Ryan you won :)

Nice one!  Dude, shoot me your addy and I'll drop the CD in the mail.


  1. Thanks as always for sharing some fresh music. I really like James's stuff. (Great poem rleaf2003. Definitely a winner)

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and keep up the good blogging over there at Wa Blues!

  3. Thanks you guys and thanks for the cd! I did a typo on Tompkins square :) Sorry for the delayed reply as my hardrive died. Happy holidays~