April 22, 2018

Restored Files

Hi all,

Well I believe I have found a way to easily restore a limited number of files by simply making public the files that are still stored on the previous Dropbox server. I have moved all remaining files to a public folder, click HERE and HERE.

The catch is you need to just browse through the files to see what is available. The individual links on each post are still dead. EDIT: not true, apparently once moved to the public folder the old link still works, so from the reader point of view, random links are now up and running. Well, it's something.

Check it out, let me know if it seems to work ok. Please don't d/l everything in sight as you will max out my d/l capacity for the month and then everyone else has to wait around for it to reset. Note that all the files have a preview, even the music files (again, feel free to let me know if this is actually working) so you can see/hear it before downloading. That will help us all keep the files available all month.

Eventually I would like to get all the files available again and I am searching for the right tool for the job. Suggestions welcomed. The idea is to move away from individual links and to more of an open folder with a file structure to avoid the whole situation of having a unique link for each file.

BTW, a lot of Basho TABS are in these restored files, for those of you that are fired up after seeing that Basho film at the Festival.

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