April 24, 2018

John Fahey live in Los Angeles in 1974

Some new Fahey boots showing up on DIME, thanks to a long time Fahey fan!!


01 Intro
   Dance Of the Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Philip XIV Of Spain
   Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Invisble City Of Bladensburg (fragment)
   ends abruptly
02 Spanish Two-Step
   he tunes to open D
03 The Grand Finale ( in open D! )
   Knoxville Blues ( 3/4 time )
   Knoxville Blues ( 4/4 time )
04 Wine & Roses
05 Monologue
   he tunes to open C
06 The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith CA ( rarely performed )
07 Funeral Song For MJH
08 Monologue on tuning 

Total time: 43:02"

Get the FLAC files HERE


  1. Thank you for this great document!

  2. Always a treat to have more JF - thanks

  3. Thanks for posting this Scott!
    It's greatly appreciated.