December 15, 2010 Drops the Ball

From the blog:

The service will be closing onDec. 15. Until then, people will be able to use existing drops they’ve created, but won’t be able to create new drops. After Dec. 15, will be closing and all user data and content will be deleted, so please download files you have stored on the service before then.

Well that really sucks. Nearly ALL the downloadable content on this blog is on the servers.  Oh, and hey, you never ran out of effort when it came to sending me promotional emails.  But not ONE email warning me of this shut down.  Not one. 

Bite me,

Good thing I visited the blog, just by coincidence. 


Though I will try to get all content transferred to another host, undoubtedly I will miss one here and there.  So drop me a comment on the the post that doesn't have a working link.

Mean while I've been recycling some of the old posts as I re-link the music.  Hope you've found some old gems you didn't know were here. 

On the bright side I've actually shelled out some cash for the new storage site and this will enhance your download experience.  No more ads, no wait times.  Don't you feel special?  The d/l will now (90%) of the time just save the file to your computer and no more re-directs and all that crap!

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  1. sorry to hear about all that grief with! Thanks for treating us to pain-free storage for those sweet goodies you offer. You've opened lots of ears and sold lots of CDs, I'd guess, keep it up man!