June 27, 2010

Eric Wallack - Stella Says

Eric Wallack has been making music for years and he has been quite prolific. He doesn’t seem to let genres hold him down, flitting from one sound to another in the course of his recording output. The most recent example of all of the above is his 12 For Nothing project where his goal is to put out one new record album a month for a year.  Oh, and for free.

And this isn’t his first foray into a self-imposed artistic flurry of production. He once worked something he called the 365 project where he wrote a song a day for a year. Wow, that’s just nutty! And awesome!

Stella Says is the debut of the series back in April, so I’m already a release behind!

Wallack feels it definitely falls into the American Primitive style and I have to agree with him. He describes it as "a bit raw but honest and spontaneous."  Wallack performs and records a lot of improvisational music and this effort is no different.  Since it’s free there’s no reason for you not to give it a listen.

All I know is that any guy that starts off a CD with slapin’ and poppin’ on a de-tuned Stella (that cost him a mere $30) has got my attention.

“Angst and the Small Aquarium” is one of those beautiful and simple tunes that captures the listener.  As is “Waltz in F# Purple,” with simply lovely melodies.

The tunes are about half standard tuning and half open D.  All dropped just a bit from concert pitch.

I love the simple feel of this effort. If you liked the C. Joynes that I posted I think you will like this as well. This has become one of my favorite listens lately.

Wrapping with “Get in the Graveyard” is a song that is a great closing tune that just leaves me wanting more.  Love the creepy title.

Download Stella Says

Visit Eric Wallack for the latest project updates.

Also be sure to check out his last FM site for other delights for the ear.


  1. This is great stuff. First track reminds me more of Bert Jansch then anything else.
    I loved it, will check out his album.


  2. Yes, I hear Bert Jansch too! Good stuff!!!!