December 7, 2008

Chris Cotton - Deep Blues Festival

Chris Cotton is a pretty cool guy. Ok, how would I know, as he's never come to my town to play a show but by the looks of this pic he plays a National Reso, so he must be cool! Besides, he does some good -n- gritty blues. His latest has just been released after much trial and tribulation, according to his MySpace site. So buy his studio releases so he can afford a tour bus!!

Chris Cotton
Deep Blues Festival
Washington County Fairgrounds
Lake Elmo, MN
01 Morgan City, Mississippi
02 banter
03 I Watched The Devil Die
04 banter
05 Heartbreaking Mind
06 banter
07 The Gamblers The Angels
08 banter
09 Black Night
Buy Chris' stuff here: Amazon and Amazon

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d/l: chris cotton live

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