February 26, 2017

A poem for Fahey Week by Ralph Johnston

Scott...hiowdy!!!  Just listening to Charlie Patton and ready to send you a couple of poems for Fahey week

Thanks Ralph!

A Poem...

John Fahey and Joe Bussard
Were on the bus today
I was sitting really close
About three seats away
Neither now are young men
Like me, they're old and grey
But still, I surely would have
Known them anyway

Fahey wore black headphones
And Joe was with a friend
I couldn't hear John's music
And Bussard was near the end
Joe's stop was at the next streets
Cambie and Broadway
Still, it's strange, they both got off
Sometimes, it's just that way

I hope I see them very soon
As one or separately
It's been going on for months now
So I'll just wait and see
If they're on the bus together
Or together, separately
Hey John, hey Joe, it's Ragtime Ralph
Do you remember me?

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