July 19, 2014

Please help JohnFahey.com with a little cash

If you're like me you hit the internet when you need some info.  If you Google Fahey you're going to end up on JohnFahey.com sooner than later.  The site is packed with info. It's a treasure. Thing is, JohnFahey.com is a hosted site, it's not a free blog like mine, it costs some money. The other day the site went down for a day and you know that can get a few people panicked.

And who the heck runs this site? Well, Melissa Stephenson, that's who.  She bought the domain in 1995 and in 1999 arranged to include the impressive International Fahey Committee content as it was developed.

Melissa has been the official webmaster all along.  The site recently incurred an unexpected $160 maintenance expense and I think she would certainly appreciate a couple bucks for the John Fahey cause. We are looking to raise a mere $160 here folks. Also, if in the event donations surpass the $160 mark Melissa will return the money, most recent donation first and then backwards from there, and we will take down the donation link.

Malcolm Kirton (IFC member!) has plans to redesign the site in the next year or so and donors will have their names listed on a sponsors page!

So please consider clicking the button and contributing anything, no amount is too small! You don't have to have a PayPal account to give. The PayPal link goes directly to Melissa.



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  1. Hi everyone!

    The donation project has already reached its goal! Well, that didn't take too long! I will be contacting each donor soon and I thank you all very much! I have put countless hours, countless dollars, a few tears and a lot of care into johnfahey.com and I enjoyed it. I started by purchasing the domain name long ago when I knew nothing at all about web design and after much trial and error (lots of error), and multiple launchings I finally burned out at what you see today. We almost lost the domain last week!

    The site has not been touched in years. Expect a major redesign in the next year or so. Blessings to you all while we all rev up our designer engines. Your generosity is unbelievable, I thank Scott and this beautiful blog for getting the Donate button up. Love you all!

    -- Melissa