June 7, 2014

Matt Sowell - Live on WFMU with Irene - May 5, 2014

 Click HERE to get on over to Sowell's Bandcamp



  1. As I listened to Matt Sowell, a slow and gentle movie started running in my head...it featured a quiet, whispering breeze blowing through a creaking, rotten old falling down fence...I yelled at a car thundering down the country gravel road to shut up so that I could listen to the chirping crickets serenading each other in a trash filled ditch...shimmering heat and a distant mirage waved at each other as a pheasant scampered across the dusty road, narrowly escaping the thundering car...they turned around to see why I had yelled at them...I replied that I thought they were my chariot arriving to carry me off to Valhalla...they all looked at me quizzically, turned around and sped headlong into the shimmering sunset...

    That is how I felt while listening to Matt Sowell...

    Cheers! Ralph.

  2. Once more, fine music from DS keep up the good work

  3. Great set here from Matt. Thanks for posting, J.