January 30, 2010

Yair Yona - Remember

Yair Yona has released a nice little gem into the American Primitive world and he titled it Remember. I'm not quite sure how I came across this release and it has been out there for a while but if you aren't aware of it, read on!

Ah, forget the reading...listen!

This CD is not strictly solo guitar but is very focused on the acoustic guitar. There is a mix of solo and multi-instrumentals. The production is excellent.
Yona gives this music away! Free. has hit the big time but the digital d/l is still quite reasonable. $5.00!! for Mp3, flac, just go to http://yairyona.bandcamp.com/ to get it. Now, you may think there is a catch, you've got to give up your email. Well I downloaded this months ago and as promised, I've received one or less email per month. And all of them quite useful, I might add, some links to YouTube videos and even some unreleased takes from Remember.
To learn more about Yona you can read some of his thoughts here.

And there is an excellent blog out there called Work & Worry with an interview of Yona, you can find that HERE
Yona of course has a MySpace
And a nice blog called Small Town Romance
And finally, if you would like to buy the CD you can do so by following the links below. I did and in addition to the fine music Yona has added one of my favorite facets of a solo guitar release: he listed every tuning and took the time to write some thoughts on each piece.

AnovaMusic is Yona's label that I believe he runs himself.
Strange Attractors Audio House
CD Baby 

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