July 13, 2009

James Blackshaw - Live @ St. Giles Church, London

James Blackshaw
St. Giles Church, London
Soundboard recording uploaded to the internets by pjc - thanks dude!

This is a great recording of Blackshaw playing his signature 12 string songs. The first cut is Cross from his recently released The Glass Bead Game. But at the time of the show you can hear Blackshaw say that it is untitled. Very cool.
Though he also says that he will play a couple new things, I think that was the only one. I'm no Blackshaw expert so I did the best I could on the middle two titles. Please let me know if they are titled incorrectly.

I took the liberty of deleting track two, 4+ minutes of tuning and he doesn't even tell any jokes. Everyone knows you are supposed to tell jokes while tuning your guitar. Please go buy some of Blackshaw's stuff so that he can buy another guitar for that other tuning or at least hire a freakin' guitar tech!

Tompkins Square
Young God Records
Official site

Download it HERE

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