June 6, 2009

The Backpork Drifters - Raiders of the Lost Porch

Ragtime Ralph is back with a string band release from 1982. Originally recorded on reel to reel in Ralph's kitchen. This is a little different from Ralph's other work that we have heard thus far.

Ralph kicks it off with a solo 12 string version of Poor Boy Long Ways From Home. After that the boys join in, Dirk Dykstra on guitar, mandolin & vocals. Roderick "Scotty" Scott on harmonica, spoons and vocals. And Ralph on mandolin, Hawaiian guitar, vocals and kazoo.
Track List:
1) Poor Boy Long Ways From Home
2) Going Up the Country
3) Mandolin Rag
4) Hot Time Blues
5) Red River Valley
6) Leaving Home to be a Cowboy

It's a good time recording, give it a try and DOWNLOAD it now.


  1. that's nuts! R. Ralph plays Poor Boy Long Ways From Home just like I do - with bits of Sunflower River Blues stuck in there. Fahey never played it that way but the two pieces just belong together, in fact i combined them just by mistake, but it seemed to work so well..

    Oh, I'm in boulder for a while. You wanna get together and jam?

  2. Trying to D/L but no joy, gives me this: "Cannot connect to the rep database because: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 111"... can this dead link be fixed?