August 12, 2012

Colorado Guitar Festival Report

Just a brief report about the Colorado Guitar Festival from yesterday.  It was a great bunch of guitarists that took the stage, the weather was perfect and even a slight bit of rain was short lived.
Jeff Wahl
 All kinds of styles were represented, Jeff Wahl with some great modern acoustic playing with roots in Kottke and even his days as a heavy metal guitarist.
Kevin Romero
 Kevin Romero brought flamenco to the stage with cante and palmas!
Justin Roth
 Justin Roth bucking the trend of sitting performers that dominated the day.  Hey!  It's cool.
Michael DeLalla
 DeLalla was his usual entertaining self.  Always witty and always firing off great runs with precision.
Steve Mullins is always pushing the boundaries of genre, here taking a page from the Gipsy Kings style but adding tablas.  Hey, why not?  Later adding a dancer from Seville!!

There were luthiers and artists as well as good food and drink to round out the day.  The Boulder Guitar Society opened the day strong with 6 quality guitarists.  Alfredo Muro was one of the headliners and I've got to insist that you go see him if you have a chance.  Phenomenal!  In fact he will be on a brief European tour in September.

All were had by a good time.

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