April 12, 2011

Glenn Jones - Limited Vinyl Release

Record Store Day is almost here and I must mention that Glenn Jones has a split LP out from his new label, Thrill Jockey.  Titled Even to Win is to Fail this teaser of a future release should whet your appetite for the August release.
I mentioned it's a split LP, the other side is The Black Twig Pickers & Charlie Parr.  The release includes an insert with manifold stew cooking recipes courtesy of Charlie Parr, hell that's worth the price of admission alone!!  Very cool.
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1 comment:

  1. On rare occasion one is lucky to find those soundscapes that become a permanent resident inside of your mind’s eye. Those glimpses when the snapshot takes place feel like that particular song (or songs) have always been part of the fabric of your existence. A friend along for the daily commute? Solace when you need a light during a particular shadowed time? A soundtrack on a nice day, which just adds that extra element (to make that moment a particular memorable one).

    I just got home and Glenn’s record was waiting at my front door (did I mention it was my birthday to boot??). Happy birthday, amen.

    I am listening to the record for the second time as I write this. The depth of his playing, and sense of melody continue to grow and manifest themselves into timeless recorded memories. “The Great Pacific Northwest” and “Tinka Marie” at the moment are my personal favorites, but each song has a voice that may echo one’s emotion on a particular day (so we’ll see which is my favorite next week).

    All I can say is congrats to Glenn, and thank him for contributing to the daily soundtrack for a number of our lives. Looking forward to the upcoming full release and hearing your future works. Some artists have their creative peak where they have a hard time bringing new tapestries to light. I have yet to hear a piece of Glenn’s guitar work that doesn’t emanate a voice of its own (and a fresh voice at that). Congrats again on your achievement.

    Ryan Leaf
    April 13th 2011