March 21, 2013

John Fahey - Louisville 1977

01 Steamboat Gwine 'Round De Bend
02 How Green Was My Valley
03 Worried Blues
04 Poor Boy Long Ways From Home
05 The Red Pony
06 Ann Arbour _ Death By Reputation
07 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
08 Stomping Tonight Fantasy _ In Christ There Is No East Or West _ Beverly
09 The Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Philip XIV Of Spain
10 Some Summer Day
11 Medley_ Candy Man _ Brenda's Blues _ Spanish Dance
12 St. Louis Blues
13 Mark 1.15

Thanks again to Damian for taking so much time to get these files to me.  Are your ears exploding yet?


March 20, 2013

John Fahey - Blind Joe Death Unreissued 1959 Versions

On Doing an Evil Deed Blues
In Christ There Is No East or West
The Transcendental Waterfall
Desperate Man Blues
West Coast Blues.

Here are some notes on these titles from
Rather than simply repressing the original "gas station" edition of the album, Fahey felt his playing had improved enough to warrant recording anew several tracks he was no longer satisfied with, which he did in April of 1964. Though the cover of the reissue would declare that Fahey had newly recorded five songs for the second edition ("On Doing an Evil Deed Blues," "In Christ There Is No East or West," "The Transcendental Waterfall," "Desperate Man Blues," and "Uncloudy Day"), a comparison of the tracks made in '59 and '64 reveals that "Uncloudy Day" is the same recording. "St. Louis Blues" was slightly edited from the 1959 original, eliminating the song's opening verse. Dropped altogether was Fahey's version of Blind Blake's "West Coast Blues." (John was never pleased with his recordings of the song. He later claimed he couldn't use the original version because the only surviving copy of the album had a bullet hole through the track!) To compensate for the missing song Fahey recorded a nearly 11-minute take of "The Transcendental Waterfall," expanding the length of the original version by some four minutes. This song is important as an early example of Fahey's stretching of musical form and harmony. His experimentation with noise and meaningful dissonance was still coming into focus. "'...Waterfall' was premature," notes John; "only now can I play that kind of stuff."

Once again Damian has sent these files my way, thanks!!!

March 17, 2013

John Fahey - Live at Stoneybrook 1972

John Fahey - Live at Stoneybrook 1972
01 Medley - Sunflower River Blue - Revolt of the Dyke Brigade - Requiem for John Hurt
02 Steamboat Gwine 'Round de Bend
03 The Death of the Clayton Peacock
04 Fare Forward Voyagers
05 On the Sunny Side of the Ocean - Spanish Two Step
06 Lion
07 The Dance of the Inhabitants of the Palace of King Philip XIV of Spain
08 In Christ There is no East of West Fantasy

Download  Stoneybrook 
Another one from Damian!!  Thanks!!

March 13, 2013

John Fahey Guitar TAB

Back with some more guitar TAB!  Too bad it takes me 300 years to learn one song!  How about you?  I know some people learn this stuff quickly so here's a couple more from MTW !!

Today it's a duo of open D tuning!

Steve Talbot on the Keddie Wye
From the liner notes: First he worked on the Espee, later the Western Pacific. He used to tell me hair-raising stories about running down out of the mountains and hitting the Wye and the tunnel at Keddie, California going west. Feather River Route. Now, I hear the whole town's for sale. Nevertheless, the Union Pacific bought the W.P. Something's up.

Really nice to get some Fahey TABs that you just don't see out there on the internet.
Dianne Kelly  is from one of my favorite titles in the long and impressive list of Fahey titles.  Old Girlfriends and Other Horrible Memories.

I was just reading where Woody Guthrie said to collect titles, good titles and save them up.  Funny, cause I think I've come up with some good ones in the past, and they are around here some where.  But there's so few of my own songs that I've composed that each one has about three titles!

March 11, 2013

John Fahey - Live at the Record Plant 1973

Folks, there's friends of Fahey and of Delta-Slider coming out to help us all enjoy more Fahey in our lives!  Got a couple new shows showing up in the email box.  Damian is the guy sharing these, be sure to say thanks!

There's more to come and more guitar tab from MTW too!  Stay tuned for a bit of an extended Fahey week.  Quite unexpected and a pleasant surprise!

Record Plant 1973
1.  Fare Forward Voyagers
2.  02 The Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Philip XIV Of Spain
3.  03 Medley_ Stomping Tonight Fantasy _ In Christ There Is No East Or West _ Beverly

This is now commercially available so the link is down, buy it at Amazon or where ever...


March 5, 2013

Scott Wolf - All Strings Considered Podcast

Guitarist Scott Wolf is being widely recognized for his versatility as a performer, teacher, and arranger for classical guitar. Scott most recently received his Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Southern California, where he studied classical guitar with renowned pedagogue and Los Angeles Guitar Quartet member Scott Tennant. He earned a Master of Music from New England Conservatory under the tutelage of Eliot Fisk and received his Bachelor of Arts at UC San Diego with Dr. Randy Pile.
So begins the bio of Scott Wolf.  Good stuff!  He's also got a nice little podcast going, they are focused on classical and I find the interviews with the flamenco guitarists especially exciting.  Go check it out, but there's one with Adam Del Monte and one with Grisha Goryachev.   The podcasts are really well produced, absolutely pro quality.

All Strings Considered